South East Australian Taekwondo

Belt System
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  • Learn to Kick, punch and strike with real speed and power.
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  • Learn Boxing, Kicking, arm locks and takedowns.
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  • Learn practical self defence that works.
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  • Shortened movements make this art Quicker and more Powerful.
  • Helps to promote self confidence, co-ordination, fitness and flexibility.
  • The physical discipline needed builds perseverance and self control, whilst promoting good character.
  • Regular training seminars and camps held each year.
  • South East Australian Tae Kwon-Do is an independent organisation which was founded in 1979 and has training clubs all over Victoria and New South Wales.  As a registered member of South East Australian Tae Kwon-Do your grade and experience is recognised at all of these clubs.
  • Adults, children and beginners are always welcome.
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