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Belt System
All students wear a uniform called a 'Gi' or 'Do-Bok'. This is the traditional uniform worn when training.
Belt System
Part of the martial arts tradition is that belts should not be washed. A student would start with a white belt and over the months and years of hard training the belt would change colour eventually ending a black colour. The belt colour system is a symbol of your learned knowledge of Taekwondo.
Locations South East Australian Taekwondo adheres to strict grading guidelines. Students will only be presented for a grading if they have previously demontrated that they have achieved the required knowledge, technical requirements, fitness, appropriate pattern(s), self defence locks/takedowns/counter attacks, free sparring and most importantly attitude. The full requirements are dependant on the grade being attempted.
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  All the previous requirements for gradings apply to black belts but, their are also additional requirments. There are minimum waiting periods for black belts. It is a requirement that students progressing from 1st Dan black belt to 2nd Dan black belt wait a minimum of 2 years. A student progressing from 2nd Dan black belt to 3rd Dan black belt are required to wait an additional 3 years. A student progressing from 3rd Dan black belt to 4th Dan black belt are required to wait another 4 years and so forth.
1st Dan Black Belt
2nd Dan Black Belt
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