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7 Tenets
The seven Tennets of South East Australian Taekwondo are just as important as all other areas of our training. A student may only progress through the grades (belts) if they show an achievement towards these Tenets as the other areas of training. A brief interpretation of these 7 Tenets are:
Belt System

Perseverance To continue in spite of difficulty. This includes attending regular training and putting 100% effort into every session. To have patience and focus on your goals. To find ways to work towards your goal when difficult situations arise.

Modesty To be honest and just, defining right from wrong. To have a conscience and be humble. Behaving in a proper and descent manner.

Self Control To remain calm and in control at all times. The ability to work within ones' capability.

Indomitable Spirit

To show courage that cannot be conquered, even when against the odds. Translation "Even if attacked/beaten one hundred times, still be undaunted/indomitable".

A warrior bravely advancing against an enemy regardless of the odds.

Etiquette To conduct behaviour which is polite and respectful to all students & instructors. To promote the spirit of Taekwondo.

Honesty To be truthful to oneself. Being honest means that you accept yourself as you are.

Sincerity to Art To demonstrate respect towards all Martial Arts. It is being faithful to your family, country, school, friends or ideals, when the going gets tough as well as when things are good.
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